Emily Gayton
Sports and Remedial Massage

High Street
Mayfield TN20 6AL

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Sports Massage


Emily Gayton UCAPD

I am a professionally qualified sports massage therapist having obtained a level 4 diploma through Teeside University and I’m also a registered member of the Sports Massage Association.  I continue to attend various career development workshops to give me a wider range of techniques to use. 

I also work closely with Osteopaths and other practitioners ensuring all round support for my clients.  I work with a diverse range of clients from stressed professionals to athletes of all ranges who each present themselves with an array of different musculoskeletal and mechanical symptoms.   Whilst acknowledging that everybody is different, I will create a unique massage therapy plan tailored to suit each individual by working closely with you and adapting treatments to ensure that each massage is as effective for your lifestyle, occupation, sport and posture.

Sports Massage

Sports massage tends to be a more intense and deeper form of massage which incorporates a combination of techniques involving deep tissue manipulation, friction work, trigger point therapy and stretching techniques and advice.  The Practitioner has specific aims in mind for the client and different techniques of massage have been developed for different goals and purposes.

How Sports Massage can benefit you: -

Effective management of lifestyle and work related stress and tension
Improves the lymphatic and blood circulation systems by removing harmful metabolic waste products from the system therefore encouraging oxygen/nutrient rich blood back into ischaemic areas
Deep tissue manipulation and stretching techniques will break down areas of muscle tension helping to increase elasticity,  promote the efficiency of muscle action as well as increasing muscle and joint range of movement 
Helps to maintain the body and keep it in better condition
Aids in the recovery from injuries and loss of mobility
Back pain and prevention
Pre competition and post-event recovery 
Stretching advice and techniques
Promotes early recovery from intense training and early treatment of a minor strain can prevent it becoming a chronic injury



Monday 9am – 3pm  
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Thursday 9am – 8pm Late evening
Friday 9am – 8pm Late evening
Saturday 9am – 1pm  


£50 for 1 hour
£40 for 45 minutes
£30 for 30 minutes